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Two Anonymous Hackers arrested in Joint Operation With FBI

Cambodian National Police has arrested two members of Anonymous Cambodia earlier this month, April 7, in a joint operation with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which has been running for about eight months according to a statement available on the website of National Police. Both arrested personal are members of the global ‘Anonymous’ hacking group which called for ...

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Jailbroken iPhones are being targeted by an active malware campaign, stealing passwords

A malware campaign has been unearthed by security researcher Stefan Esser after many of the users of jailbroken iPhones and iPads posted on Reddit that their devices crashed repeatedly after installing unofficial tweaks through a third-party app store called ‘Cydia’ which serves the market of jailbroken  Apple devices. According to Stefan Esser, the purpose of the malware is to get ...

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Learn How to beat Heartbleed bug because changing password is not enough

Heartbleed has been termed as the biggest bug ever that has exposed as much as one-third of all websites to the vulnerabilities of data theft. Most of the big and main stream websites and service providers, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft, took immediate action and provided patch as well as suggested that their users change their passwords immediately. ...

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Facebook will track your every movement with its new feature ‘Nearby Friends’

Facebook is the primary social networking service for billions of users worldwide. Its impact has been so huge that Oxford English Dictionary added a new meaning to the noun ‘friend’, “a contact on a social networking web site”, and the verbs ‘friend’ and ‘unfriend’ were also added. Thus, it is clear that it is a social networking site of choice ...

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19-year-old man arrested in Heartbleed privacy breach, hacked SSNs from Revenue Agency

Right now, Internet world is facing a big security threat also known as Hearlbleed Bug, which has affected almost every popular website we use like facebook, google, yahoo…, and in this biggest security breach case one 19-year-old Canadian has been charged for using heartbleed bug to exploit taxpayer data of the Canada Revenue Agency website. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested ...

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List of Most Popular Websites affected by Heartbleed (The Biggest security breach), CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW

As we already aware about the recent biggest security breach on the internet known as ‘Heartbleed Bug’ which clearly hacked all of your passwords and your personal, financial information like credit card numbers that you use on some popular sites like Facebook, Google, yahoo and more, so it’s time to ping you about the sites which are affected by this bug. ...

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Millions of credit card data has been stolen by hackers from Michaels

Latest news coming from the Internet Media is, Hackers breached the security of Michaels (an arts and crafts retail chain) and they have stolen the credit and debit cards data from almost three million Michael’s customers, this hack being performed from last eight months and 7 percent of all cards used at Michaels are affected. Not only Michaels’ affected by ...

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The security software being used by Edward Snowden to evade NSA

Everyone was shocked and mostly the NSA-When one of the NSA employee ‘Edward Snowden’ leaked the internal information to the public that US Govt. Spies on people of own country, as well as other country, but one thing also was unique that how Snowden bypassing his networks, that none of them able to stop distributing the leaks online or to ...

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