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Israeli Hackers hack webcams to unmask Anonymous #Opisrael Hackers

On April 7, a hacking group, named as ‘Anonymous’, had called for a united attack on Israel. The operation was code-named ‘#OpIsrael’. Many Israeli websites run by corporations and government came under attack on that day. The attack happens every year on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day to disrupt Israeli cyberspace. This year however it seems that the hackers ...

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Which of your online account hacked in world’s biggest data breach, CHECK NOW

The Heartbleed bug ( Biggest Data Breach ), a bug in OpenSSL cryptographic software library, has left billions of users vulnerable to sensitive information leak including those information that were perceived to be secure as they were shared with large, popular and relatively secure companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and etc. The systems have been vulnerable to Heartbleed bug for approximately ...

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New Android’s Security Feature Will Regularly Scan Your Apps to Protect You from ‘Harmful’ Software

Google has announced expansion of Google’s security services for all Android devices, smartphones and tablets, in an official blog posted by Rich Cannings, Android Security Engineer. After this expansion, Google will monitor continuously all apps installed on the device for any unwanted or malicious activity whether the app was installed through Google Play™ store or a third-party Android marketplace. The ...

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WiFi on US Planes being monitored by NSA ‘in violation’ of privacy laws

NSA’s long reaching hands have been very long and their prying eyes were even inside commercial airlines. Companies were sharing all inflight WiFi data used by domestic airline’s customers aboard the plane. This was revealed in a leaked letter by Gogo which is the largest onboard WiFi provider in the US. The letter was leaked to Wired and is written ...

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Your information may be hacked in world’s biggest breach in the history

How about leaving your front door open while away for two years. It will be a golden opportunity for any thief to clear the house of any valuables. This is exactly what has happened in cyber security. OpenSSL, a fundamental cryptographic software library, which is used by most of the servers around the world has been found to have a ...

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Top Signs Your Android Device is infected with Malware + How to solve that

Android enjoys the biggest market share of both smartphone and tablet market and thus also draws a lot of attention from those who wish to attack it with viruses and malwares. According to Kindsight Security Labs Malware Report Q4 2013 report, prepared by Alcatel-Lucent Kindsight Security Labs, Android was infected with about 60% of all infections in the mobile world. ...

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A serious Password Flaw in Microsoft’s Xbox exposed by a 5-Year-Old Boy

Can you believe it, a five-year-old boy from San Diego (California) has found a vulnerability on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and the vulnerability was not normal. Vulnerability was really effective, as it allows anyone to access anybody’s account without password, but the thing that five-year-old boy found was really awesome and a simple trick that every child of this age do ...

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TRUE: Hackers turn security camera DVRs turned into Bitcoin Miners

According to Johannes Ullrich, a computer security instructor at SANS Technology Institute, revealed that hackers have been able to hack security cameras and then in turn using them to earn bitcoin, the unspecified cyber currency. He detailed that Hikvision’s digital video recorders (DVRs), used  for recording from surveillance cameras, have been found infected of a malicious virus which is also ...

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